• Genre: Patternmaking
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop
  • Material: Glossy Bond Paper
  • Year: 2016 (November)

Each of the patterned cube's six surfaces has a monochromatic composition comprising of reflections of circles and penetrations by much smaller tinted circles. The colour harmony of the overall cube is polychromatic because of the various hues featured on the cube's surfaces.

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Process Work

Rough Thumbnail Sketches

  • Medium: Ink, Pencils
  • Material: Watercolour Paper

Value Study

  • Medium: Pencils
  • Material: Tracing Paper

Monochromatic Composition

    This composition is based on an invisible, active, formal grid of 25 squares where each unit form has circles of the same value reflecting each other and subtractions uniting them visually. The corners have tints, the squares surrounding each corner have tones, and the shades are painted in the horizontal and vertical middle rows as gradation.

  • Medium: Gouache Paint
  • Material: Illustration Board

Cube Template

The tints and tones in the outer squares are interchanged to balance out the shades and add more focal points. Although the original composition was rendered in hues of red-violet, the colour harmony used to create the box is polychromatic with dramatic results overall because of the variety of nuances displayed by the many hues polychromatic colour harmony features. Adobe Photoshop was used to achieve these hue variations as well as to line up each square as accurately as possible to achieve a flawless, smooth finish.

  • Software: Adobe Photoshop
  • Material: Glossy Bond Paper

Using Format