• Genre: Patternmaking
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop
  • Material: Glossy Bond Paper
  • Year: 2016 (December)

Using Adobe Photoshop, I incorporated 2D painted design into an octagonal casket using a 3D octagonal prism template with a lid. There is a cross between polychromatic and analogous colour harmonies as well as cool/warm and light/dark colour contrasts to enhance the tessellations optimally.

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Process Work

Rough Thumbnail Sketches

  • Medium: Pencils
  • Material: Watercolour Paper

Roughs & Research

Final Artwork

  • Medium: Gouache Paint
  • Material: Illustration Board

Cultural Context

    This project involved conducting research about my culture, particularly those of my grandparents and being able to adapt its unique motifs into an original design. This hand-painted design is inspired by motifs used one of the most renown Nigerian fashion designers, Ituen Basi's ankara fabric designs, seeing that ankara is unarguably one of Nigeria's most popular fabrics. 

    I am from a very diverse Nigerian tribe called ‘Ibibio’. I based my 2D design on the intricate patterns on Ibibio attire which feature designs in highly saturated colours usually associated with virtues. Whereas, black is associated with all things negative and evil, which is why I limited the use of shades to just the background to fill up the ‘negative’ space as well as draw attention to the bright tones and tints. The trick to achieving the radial symmetry is by repeating the unit form in each quadrant and I feel what has added more beauty to it is the woven detail inspired by the beautiful variety of hairstyles that adorn Ibibio women. 

Octagonal Prism Template

I incorporated this 2D design into an octagonal casket with a lid and applied a cross between polychromatic and analogous harmonies as well as the cool/warm and light/dark contrasts to enhance the tessellations as much as possible.

  • Software: Adobe Photoshop
  • Material: Glossy Bond Paper

Final 3D Design

Using Format