Original Photograph

Final Photomontage


  • Genres: Megastructure Photomontage; Urban Landscape; Architecture
  • Medium: Markers, Pencils
  • Year: 2016 (November)

This project is a concept exploration of the placement of megastructures in sites that are abandoned or need restoration. This is completed with an existing perspective photograph and analog collage techniques inspired by famous architects. This photomontage is that of a long tectonic corridor. A train tunnel is built over the railway and the roof's entire framework is made out of crosses with angular noughts in between to permit skylight. The noughts and crosses are reminiscent of tic-tac-toe, hence the name.

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Process Work


  • Medium: Markers, Pencils


  • Medium: Markers, Pencils
  • Adhesive: Glue Stick
Using Format