RESTOR{a}DAPT (2020)

  • Genre: Marketing & Advertising, Publication, Web Design
  • Design Team: Emem Essien (Marketing graphics), G. Gosal, N. Asad, L. Urya, Y. Ortega
  • Medium: Digital, Print (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Year: 2020

RESTOR{a}DAPT is a restoration firm by five multidisciplinary designers who demonstrate the same enthusiasm, shared philosophies and parallel interests in optimising human interaction with the built environment. We work towards restoring existing historical sites and buildings into beautiful commercial developments, keeping our main goal which is to redevelop a site into a contemporary context while still keeping its historical significance and sacredness intact.

◆    ◆    ◆

Process Work

From the name to the logo, down to even the font type, everything aligns with redefining legacy, using old, traditional methods in unconventional ways. The a in braces/curly brackets helps to draw attention to the fact that RESTOR{a}DAPT is actually a combination of two words: RESTORE and ADAPT which gives a good summary of what the design firm does: restoring old buildings and adapting to the new and existing environment.

◆    ◆    ◆

Digital Prototype

Here’s the imagery I created of RESTOR{a}DAPT’s webpages across multiple devices. I also paid close attention to the branding in terms of colour scheme which is ivory, white, sea green, and navy blue, as well as custom fonts, and a bit of copywriting.

  • The iPad shows a typical tablet display as one scrolls down the home page.
  • The iPhone shows a typical smartphone display on the home page with a lightbox indicating updates.
  • The MacBook shows a computer display of the homepage in a daytime mode, and shows the word play on the three letters in the middle of RESTOR{a}DAPT. It says we are RAD, we are RADIANT, we are RADICAL, we are RESTOR{a}DAPT.
  • And lastly, the iMac shows a computer display of what the page looks like when you first hit the website, a brief motion graphic display showing the logo before it presents the homepage.

Print Proposal

All pages of the RESTOR{a}DAPT’s prospectus or proposal were printed on glossy paper, and the front and back pages with laminated finishes. The publication is US letter size, with 11 x 17 spreads (tabloid size) for printing. The general layout of this print publication include: the title page to identify project and design firm RESTOR{a}DAPT, cover letter, the table of contents, an executive summary of key elements of the proposal, problem analysis, scope of services, project approach and experience, staff profiles and structure, list of deliverables, fee schedules, marketing and any additional information.

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