High Park Pavilion (2017)


  • Project: High Park Pavilion
  • Building Type: Decorative- Park Shelter
  • Design Team: Emem E., Emmanuel E., Liz S., Miranda W., Salum R., Shirley W., Yvonne H.
  • Clients: All High Park visitors
  • Location: High Park Trail (off Colborne Lodge Dr), Toronto
  • Area: 510 m²
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, Sketchup
  • Project Year: 2017

Dialogue with Nature

The purpose of our pavilion is to aid people in interacting with the site. Our design team aims for the building to provide people with shelter, without restricting their movement around the site. The site attributes are relaxation, transition, fluidity, and contrast which inspires the pavilion's underlying concepts.

For this reason, one of our design approaches is the undulating roof which is a reflection of nature: the natural surface of the earth and the movement of the wind and water. The use of glass for the majority of the structure is so that people are able to see the natural world around them at all times. The use of steel in our building are thinner in terms of the walls and fluid in its shape, while still being strong enough to hold itself up and withstand different external factors like snow and wind. 

The design intent is keep our pavilion sympathetic to the trees as much as possible, which means leaving shafts in the building’s roof so that the trees can continue to grow without being disturbed, as well as for additional air ventilation. Additionally, we decided to use helical piers rather than regular piers for the foundation, so that we can leave the ground alone as much as possible and so that we do not damage the trees’ roots systems.

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Rough Work Imagery

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Scale: 1:200

Scale: 1:50


Scale: 1:50

Detailed Sectional Sketches

Scale: 1:50

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Digital Model & Renderings

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