Circa Hotel (2019)


  • Project: Circa Hotel
  • Building Type: Boutique hotel with retail component
  • No of Suites: 30
  • Design Team: Emem Essien & Steven Paredes Lopez
  • Clients: Millenials
  • Location: 460 King Street West (King & Spadina), Toronto
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Revit
  • Project Year: 2019


Existing heritage building known as Quantum Coffee.


Repurposed building known as Circa Hotel with a curved drive-through to reflect the intersection at King & Spadina.

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Site Analysis


To begin with, our underlying theme for the redesign of 460 King Street West symbolizes permeability: embracing its skeleton (heritage foundation) by radiating it to the surrounding site’s innovative, contemporary settings. Our team iterates the concept of openness which calls for fluidity in that there is a free flow of circulation through the space as we regard people as the ‘blood of our buildings’- what makes our buildings come to life. In considering this, our design objectives include creating appropriate entrances to accommodate the different levels of vibrancy on King and Spadina: retail on King and main entrance on Spadina.

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Situations & Diagramming

Programme & Situations

Planning & Diagramming

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Key Renderings

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